Custom Mobile Metal Stamp For Multiple Materials

Our Custom Metal Stamps are created to be durable, dependable, and detailed marking tools for metal surfaces. Every stamp is made from Fortuna our heat-tempered, tool-grade steel. They’re popular for jewelry or product tags, and they’re an excellent option for marking aluminum, brass, gold, silver, or chrome steel. These mobile stamps can also be optimized for stamping wood or leather.

Uploaded images are reviewed within two business days, and a obtain approval is sent prior to the order fulfillment. After receiving proof approval, these mobile custom metal stamps cruises in approximately 6 business days when standard shipping option is selected.

Optimized to leave clear imprints, these mobile stamps work are tailor made in north america. They provide the best marks with a standard block and a ball peen hammer or mallet. These base accessories promote a smooth and better quality stamping result. The ball-peen hammer is designed for metalworking and is perfect for striking steel hand stamps. The mobile stamp holder is a great tool for holding a metal stamp in place. And the steel standard block is designed with a solid, stable surface for stamping metal pieces.

We replicate custom artwork on each stamp with very feature and high quality through our manufacturing process. In addition to the design, each stamp features custom beveling to ensure clear marks. The top end of each stamp is beveled to prevent chipping when struck with a hammer. The corners near the stamp face are beveled to prevent or minimize unwanted background marks. A groove on one side of the metal stamp indicates the bottom of the artwork, ensuring proper and consistent location. So that the design you agree is the one you get from your stamp. Every time.

Price modifiers derive from material, image size and image difficulty. Pictures are intended to show features of the custom stamps and may not reflect the product/final price.

GT SCHMIDT has been manufacturing steel marking tools since it first opened its doors in 1895. For over 125 years, we have supplied virtually every industry with the finest quality and most reliable steel stamps, steel type, die slots and type slots.

We offer a wide variety of steel marking tools for both manual and machine applications. We manufacture hand stamps and manual style straight type slots. If you are roll marking, press marking or rotary roll marking, we have the steel type, steel drops dead, machine style slots and support accessories needed for your part marking application.

Monode has a long-standing reputation for offering a robust product that can withstand today’s most challenging stamping applications. Our wide range of steel stamp products coupled with the highest quality standards in the industry make us the straightforward choice for all your stamping needs.

Monode SAF-T grip challenging hand stamps include a long, heavy-duty shank for high-impact use. Our private triple-heat process makes the stamps processor and mushroom resistant, resulting in a standard low cost per impression.

These lighter application stamps include a smaller shank with a “Imperial” quality heat treatment. Their machine-formed characters are precision imprinted, making a production capable, cost-effective steel stamping solution.

Superior quality sharp face old characters for challenging and industrial use. Standard sizes are stocked and custom dimensions are available.

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